New Horizons in binding…

Thursday 7 May

Bruno van den Elshouts’ New Horizons is a book worth some consideration here. The book is an exceptional object and the result of an equally exceptional process. Throughout 2012 every hour of each day the

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The best recipe to make the best book possible

Thursday 9 April

You might have been working on a photographic project for a long time. And maybe you think making a book is the way to bring it out in the open. It is your project; you

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Bring out the light!

Tuesday 17 March

When will you experience a print or a reproduction of a photo as convincing? In a previous blog (Toning images) I focussed on the importance of density and contrast in an image. Those are means

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On calibration and colour management

Wednesday 4 March

  Can you imagine working with images and being able to predict how it will look in print? That it will look about the same on different paper types as on an inkjet print? Fantasy?

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Wild Pigeons, a case in paper choices

Friday 20 February

Carolyn Drakes book Wild Pigeons provides me a good case in chosing the right paper. Designer Syb, Carolyn and I spent quite some time on this issue.Together we cover the whole spectre of issues related to

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Paper, some basics

Friday 30 January

I find paper absolutely fascinating stuff. It is a very pure material with a humble appearance. Once you start working with it, though, you get the insides of its character. You have to deal with

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A case in binding

Tuesday 13 January

10×10 Japanese Photo books  As the producer of a photo book you have to consider many details. It all begins with a briefing from the designer about the whole idea for the book. For instance

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Printing and Lithography

Tuesday 16 December

  To print great images you need good photos. But that is not all, because photos are made of light. Printing you do with pigment on paper, the default being four colours. And four colour

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About different ways of binding

Thursday 4 December

  Traditionally a book comes in two varieties. The oldest and most luxurious one is the hard cover book. All pages are formed into a book block that forms a unity in itself and that

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Toning images

Wednesday 3 December

  Some images we see we experience as captivating, others we don’t spend any time on. Anyone who wants to communicate through images hopes to achieve the first. The question is how to get there.

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