TitleBleu Period/Last summer
ArtistNobuyoshi Araki
DesignerGeoff Han
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionFINE BOOKS, Jos Morree
PublisherSession Press
Papertypephoenix motion xenon
Bindingota pur
CaseFopmawier Boekbinderij


In this book two series of images Araki made for his Arakinema concept are being presented. The originals are slides Araki projected as films in an overlapping slide projection. Both are to be seen as one work and where released in 2005.
For me it was a unique chance to work on the reproduction of images of such a great master. Reproducing the vivid blues and purples in Blue period and the intense colours in Last Summer was definitely challenging. It is a matter of bending the limits of regular CMYK printing.