If you want your book to be truly good, talk to me!

I am an expert in the reproduction of photography and art in books.
In the last 30 years I have developed a unique understanding of colour, paper, printing and binding.
My sensitivity for communication through images is still growing every day.
I love the teamwork involved in the production of a beautiful book.

That is what I love, but what is it what I do? I don’t print books. I don’t design them. I don’t bind them. I don’t publish them. I do something else. I make sure that the colour reproductions in books are all you ever wished for. That pictures and colours come to live as vibrant as the originals did. Then again, to achieve that, I have to know everything about printing, designing, binding and publishing books. And I do. Decades of experience in one of Hollands leading printing plants/publisher and decades of working with the most talented graphic designers and accomplished binders guarantee that.



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