Books are what I bring to the table and books are what I love. I love the way they smell, the way they feel, the way they weigh in your hands. The way the pages sound when you turn them. The way a picture jumps at you when it is printed flawlessly.


That is what I love, but what is it what I do? I don’t print books. I don’t design them. I don’t bind them. I don’t publish them. I do something else. I make sure that the colour reproductions in books are all you ever wished for. That pictures and colours come to live as vibrant as the originals did. Then again, to achieve that, I have to know everything about printing, designing, binding and publishing books. And I do. Decades of experience in one of Hollands leading printing plants/publisher and decades of working with the most talented graphic designers and accomplished binders guarantee that.


Difficult: yes
Impossible: no

Everybody that has been involved in printing books knows that it can be a quite frustrating affair. How many times is the end result not what we expected it to be. How many times are the reproductions of the pictures less than optimal. Especially reproductions on uncoated paper tend to be a source of disappointment. The ink sucks into the paper leaving only a shadow of the orginal picture behind. That is to say: if you don’t know how to adjust them before printing.
Not only paper stock play a crucial role in the quality of the printed result but also the printing press. That makes printing great reproductions difficult but not impossible.
You have to know about paper and presses, use the right proofings and know how to ‘read’ them. And that is what I do best.


Clear on being clear

If books are what I bring to the table, clearness is my way of doing that. Not only clearness in colours and reproduction but also clearness in workflow and organisation and, foremost, clearness in communication.
No unexpected  additional costs, no unexpected surprises about the quality afterwards. I know that once a budget is approved and funded for there is no room for ‘surprises’. I make sure that the surprises will be happy ones. Budget is budget. Quote is quote. Promise is promise.


From small to all

You can hire me to do your colour management only, but also to set up a whole project for you. You can ask us to be your sparring partner, giving you feedback on your ideas, but also to be a negotiator between yourself and the other parties, a ‘postillion d’amour’ as it were.