Glue and books: hotmelt and PUR

2014-12-01 11.21.25



Hotmelt dries nearly instantaneously

So it is also cheaper then cold glue

In a time that asks for speed and competition, this is a great benefit.

But it has its downsides too, which is why PUR was brought in.

PUR glues just about everything for life.


Regular hotmelt is a thick layer of glue that sits on the spine of your book.

It is yellowish white and not transparent and not flexible.

More sophisticated variations are more flexible and have less colour and can be applied in a thinner layer.

Unlike regular hotmelt PUR really reacts with the paper and creates a lasting tack.

If you force bend the spine of a book glued with hotmelt you hear it crack and the pages will fall out.


Hotmelt and PUR are used in binding machines.

There is no limitation in variations of paper you can glue with it.

If you want to be sure that it will last for life and holds anything, you should ask for PUR.

But to be able to use PUR you have to invest in special installations as a binder.

Hotmelt will only be applied on the spine of a book