New Horizons in binding…

Thursday 7 May

Bruno van den Elshouts’ New Horizons is a book worth some consideration here. The book is an exceptional object and the result of an equally exceptional process. Throughout 2012 every hour of each day the

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A case in binding

Tuesday 13 January

10×10 Japanese Photo books  As the producer of a photo book you have to consider many details. It all begins with a briefing from the designer about the whole idea for the book. For instance

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About different ways of binding

Thursday 4 December

  Traditionally a book comes in two varieties. The oldest and most luxurious one is the hard cover book. All pages are formed into a book block that forms a unity in itself and that

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Head and tail bands

Wednesday 3 December

  I like head and tail bands on a book They sit on top and bottom of the spine of a book. That is, if we have a hard cover book. A tiny bit of

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