TitleGarden of Delight
ArtistNick Hannes
DesignerDesirée De Winter & Nick Hannes
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionSarah Keymeulen
PublisherHannibal+ André Frère Editions
PrinterDie Keure, Belgium
PaperGloss machine coated
BindingOtabind Soft Cover with flaps
ISBN978 949267 776 1


In this documentary project Nick Hannes focusses on Dubai’s Leisure world that is at disposal to tourists and the more wealthy citizens.
Nick approached me for this book because previous experiences in book making had not completely satisfied him in regards to reproduction of his images.
This being a documentary series, images should not look overly edited. Yet they have to seduce us to stay with them. A clear focus, a sense of 3-dimensionality and an articulate expression of light should be present along with natural looking colours. And then the images need to be printed with the right amount of ink. These are things I bring.
And this time Nick is satisfied with this book.