TitleNew Horizons
ArtistBruno van den Elshout
DesignerRob van Hoesel
AdviceColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
PublisherThe Eriskay Connection
PrinterLenoirSchuring, Amsterdam NL
ReproductionFull Colour
PapertypeZ Offset Rough
BindingFlatbook binding

New Horizons is the object that concluded a journey that involved a lot of time, motivated people and an enthousiastic artist. I loved to participate in this project because it was a great and fun journey. My challenge was to reproduce the colours of the beautiful and colourful images. The everchanging colours of the sea are not always existent in CMYK. In many instances I had to build a whole new colour spectrum to equal the real one as Bruno van der Elshouts' camera captured them.
For me this has been a project about some of the values I believe most in: teaming up, aiming for the best, fun, craftsmanship. Winner of the bronze medal in The Most Beautiful Books of the World contest 2015.