TitleSkid Row
ArtistDésirée van Hoek
DesignerMevis & Van Deursen
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
PublisherDésirée van Hoek
PrinterUNICUM|Gianotten Printed Media, Tilburg
Pages108 + 8 single sheets
PapertypeFluweel & Profibulk
BindingPATA-bind, double cover



A photo project about one of the more desperate neighbourhoods one can think of. Désirée van Hoek photographed the streets and their dwellers in this area in Los Angeles for 6 years. She overcame her fear and shows us the people that live there out on the streets as fellow humans.

The concept behind the book was to give it an air of something being put together by the people themselves. I was asked to create an atmosphere in postproduction of the images that lines up with that. Everything of course in close collaboration with the photographer.

This book got elected among the best Dutch books of 2015.