DesignerGeoff Han
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
PublisherLars Müller 
PrinterArtron, Shenzen, China
Papertypematt coated, uncoated and
uncoated coloured and metallic coated
BindingOtabind soft cover plus dust jacket

For this New York based Architectural office I was invited to work on the separations. Printing was done in China. Architects usualy like a very clear and open reproduction of images of their buildings. For them it is essential you wander with your eyes through the rooms. With this book something special was to be achieved. We would print some chapters on strongly coloured papers, or silverfoil paper, or add a silver ink top on some of the images. Printing on black paper, the black of the paper would function as the black in the architectural design, for instance. So the paper colour or shine should be part of the reproduction of the images. Could I make this work?

Well, I did. And it came out exactly as everybody hoped it would.