TitleA designer's Material-Aesthetics  Reflections on Fashion and Technology
ArtistPauline van Dongen
DesignerCatalogtree Arnhem/Berlin
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
PublisherArtEZ Press
PrinterPlatform P
BinderPlatform P
PaperMunken Krystal and Elementa Opaque
BindingSewn in sections with blue sewing thread. Open spine and board (Gmund Cotton) glued on front and back


The Book

A Designers Material-Aesthetics is a book by Pauline van Dongen. The book questions what opportunities the integration of digital technologies in clothing offer? How do wearable technologies transform embodied experience? And, can they enable new relationships between human beings and the clothing they wear?

Until now, wearables have not become integrated into everyday fashion and so their meaningful role remains limited. In this book, fashion designer and researcher Pauline van Dongen shows how this can be changed and how the integration of both can be encouraged.

By combining design research with the philosophy of technology, Van Dongen provides a new way of looking at the role of technology in fashion, offering interesting alternatives for a sustainable future. A designers material aesthetics reflections on fashion and technology shows many of her own experiences which come richly illustrated.



The Process

The book feels lovely soft in our hands. All materials used have this softness and the book opens completely flat. The soft blue cover wit metallic blue foiled type in combination with the blue sewing threads presents a very aesthetic form. Furthermore, on the inside of the book this blue and gray is being continued. All in all, a delicate object.

For me, as a lithographer it was very important to preserve this atmosphere of careful balance in tone and colour. So, if the book looks and feels soft, the way the images are reproduced should support this without images becoming weak in their feel.

And then, as a producer you need to be able to rely on the passion and dedication of your collaborators. That means, that printers and binders do their utmost best to work as precise as possible. At Colour & Books we have gathered a wide circle of printers, binders, finishers and paper suppliers that bring this to our projects. They inspire us like we inspire them to do better every opportunity.

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