Title An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery
Artist Lisa Walker
Designer žiga Testen
Colour grading Colour & Books
Separations Colour & Books
Press checks the printer
Production Žiga Testen
Publisher RMIT Design Hub Gallery
Printer KOPA, Kaunas
Binder KOPA
Paper Munken Print White
Binding Sewn paper back
Reproduction CMYK
ISBN 978-0-6484022-2-0
Year 2019


The Book

An unreliable guidebook to jewellery accompanied the retrospective exhibition 'Lisa Walker: She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered' at RMIT Design Hub Gallery, Melbourne, which showed form January 29 to May 4, 2019. The show travelled to numerous venues around the world. This volume considers how the work of New Zealand jeweller Lisa Walker can be thought of as a career-length conversation with the question ‘What is jewellery?’.

In doing so it foregrounds the act of asking questions and the pleasure and importance of the ‘as yet understood’. The narratives that emerge within this book offer an open ended reflection on Walker’s work, moving across different time periods, going off on tangents but returning to the many concerns of the field in which she has so firmly embedded herself.



The Process

The design concept of this book is very much based on the use of colour with each images either being photographed on a coloured back ground, or receiving such a back ground in the design. Many of the objects have not been professionally photographed. And many of the objects are made of ephemeral materials.
This combination together with the ambition to produce a proper catalogue that clearly showed Lisa Walker’s designs, made it in to quite a delicate project for me. The fact that the budget didn’t allow for me to be at the press at the printer in Lithuania made it even more challenging. I think we successfully managed as a team, designer, me and the printer, to get the result right. A lovely book to hold and browse through!