ArtistLiz Magor
DesignerPractise, James Goggin + Shan James
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionJos Morree, Fine Books
PublisherThe Renaissance society + the Carpenter Centre
PrinterWilco Art Books
BinderWilco Art Books
PaperArctic Volume
BindingHardcover, sewn and guillotined
ReproductionCMYK (LED-UV)


The Book

Blowout is a catalogue of the exhibition bLiz Magor, Blow Out, held at both theCarpenter Centre for Visual Arts at Harvard University and the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. Liz Magor's works as portrayed in this book plays with different qualities against each other. With everyday objects like blankets, stuffed animals, stockings and other clothings she portrays softer elements. Often these are contradicted with hard objects like liquor bottles, cigarettes or other stand ins for the reality and harder things in life that can shape our social and domestic life.



The Process

The image materials for this book came from two exhibitions, one being the Carpenter Centre for Visual Arts, Harvard University and the other being the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. The light in both venues is completely different. To bring this together in one book needs some work on colours and contrasts. It is important for the orientation of the reader to experience differences between the two locations. However, it should never be too dominant. The reader has to be able to take in the works as they are and at the same time get a clear impression of how the shows where curated.
For me this book involved a to of detailed work per image to get individual elements balanced within the series of images. This being the third book I did with the Renaissance Society gave me great satisfaction hearing that they feel the quality of their books considerably improved since they started working with me.