TitleContinuous Moment
ArtistDamiano Bertoli
DesignerŽiga Testen, Public Office
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksthe printer
ProductionZiga Testen
PaperUncoated white stock
BindingPaperback, sewn, hotmelt


The Book

Continuous Moment by Damiano Bertoli is the first major book on the work of this Melbourne artist. It articulates an ongoing investigation into how artists negotiate the past, present, and future through their ideas and objects. Damiano Bertoli questions the nature of art-making itself by placing his own and others work in a continuum. The book contains essays by Justin Clemens, Helen Hughes, Helen Johnson, Chris Sharp, Nick Papas and Liza Vasiliou.
Damiano Bertoli is born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where he resides to this day.



The Process

Aligning series in tone and colour, creating three dimensionality, creating pleasant images to look at and cleaning up images, that is the work I had to do on this book. Continuous Moment contains an overview of works made by Damiano Bertoli. The original images provided to me to work with, reflected many different atmospheres. This had to be unified for the works to be displayed properly in one volume in order to make it a cohesive story that the viewer could be immersed in.

It’s the kind of work that gives me great pleasure to do. In my imagination I get to create my own impression of walking through a show where all of the works are gathered and bring that experience about in how the works are combined on the pages. This is what I contribute to a book. And if I do it well my work comes unnoticed. It should always be about the artist and their work and the design.