Printing and Lithography


2013-11-12 11.43.39To print great images you need good photos.

But that is not all, because photos are made of light.

Printing you do with pigment on paper, the default being four colours.

And four colour pigments (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) only reproduce a limited amount of colours.

Often even more limited by the choice of paper.



2013-07-10 20.09.48-1

So you have to facilitate the printing of perfect images from these photos.

Translate colours made by light into colours showing up after light reflects on paper.

Controlling the contrast and keeping in mind how the press and the paper deform the image is the key to success.

The paper can be rough or smooth, coated or uncoated, and white in many shades or not white at all.

This is what is called lithography.


And then we go on press with images well prepared for printing.

A quality printer invests a lot in tuning his process to ISO standards.

He uses the best presses, best ink, best rubber blankets, best everything and monitors every step in the process closely.

And then there has to be the one thing that brings magic……..

A printer operating his press and enjoying to team up with you to see if there is anything more on top of the standards!

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