Title10x10 Japanese Photobooks
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
Publisher10x10 Photobooks, New York
PapertypeMunken Lynx rough
BindingJapanese folds and gatefolds


The Book

10x10 Japanese Photobooks contains information about phonebooks published in the last 60 years. 20 International specialist each chose 10 titles they wanted to bring to the attentions from which one got a special treatment had more room in the book to show what it really is about. Since the end of world war 2 phonebooks have been very important to the Japanese culture. Mainly to document the gigantic transformation the country underwent. Many of the countries most well known photographers such as Rink Kawauchi are represented in this book. But the real treat of this book is that smaller artist also get a platform.





The Process

10x10 phonebooks is publisher and together with ICP they entrusted me to produce a perfectly printed and bound book for them. 10x10 in located in New York and they had no possibility to come over to my studio or the press to see how it was going. They completely relied on my expertise in order to make this book live up to their expectations. A hughe pressure on me, but diamonds are also made under an immense amount of pressure. Their enthusiasm about the work I had done for them and their happiness with the final result was a big reward for me! Almost felt like I had won some sort of award.