TitleDe Vijf Pijlers van Design
ArtistHans Ansems & Jeroen van den Eijnde
DesignerBeau Bertens
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
PublisherArtEZ Press
PrinterPlatform P
BinderPlatform P
PaperCyclus Print
BindingSewn in section in flexible hard cover
ReproductionCMYK offset


The Book

The function of this book, De Vijf Pijlers Van Design is a book made by Hans Ansems and Jeroen van den Eijnde. The book is in Dutch since its meant for students in The Netherlands.

This is a book for everybody working, aspiring to work or interested in the domain of object design. It offers inspiration through many historical and current examples and comes richly illustrated. The idea is that however different designers may be, they all should have basic knowledge of the five main thematic pillars on which each product is built: material, construction, function, meaning and market.



The Process

Since the book shows many historical examples I was provided with boxes full of books from which I had to take images. At Colour & Books I’m well equipped with scanners for various source materials. Wether I need to scan from books, drawings, prints, negatives in which ever size, we have a hi res scanner that fits the job best.

After having tuned all those scans for high quality output the printing it self was quite straight forward. Organising all the files for this book was more of a challenge. As was the binding. The book is not a regular flexibound book in which the cover is made of a 250grs carton that is laminated and folded double on the sides. Instead the cover is made of 1 mm thin boards that are wrapped in an Orange Milskin cover material. This is a very delicate cover to produce. Without the right attention to the fabrication process it might easily end up warped since it is so thin.

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