TitleGestiek van de Architectuur
ArtistFrans Sturkenboom
DesignerJosse Pyl
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
PublisherArtEZ Press
PrinterPlatform P
BinderPlatform P
PaperMunken Print White
BindingOtastar (Otabind with double cover)


The Book

Gestiek van de Architectuur is a book by Frans Sturkenboom. The book is mostly meant for students and others interested. Because the book is meant for students in the Netherlands the book is written in Dutch.

Many contemporary Architecture is characterised by great mobility. Architects focus on the surface instead of space. Floors change into walls and turn into roofs. Facades are staggered and develop their own depth. Architecture as a metamorphosis. Frank Sturkenboom calls this ‘gesticulating architecture’. This book shows that this contemporary tendency in architecture stems from historical mannerism, which also put the movement and texture of a structure first. The author discusses essential architectural concepts based on many examples across the history of architecture.



The Process

The design of this book is very much oriented around the spine fo the book. Many small illustrations are situated around that area. Therefore, this book had to open completely flat. Besides this, the folding of the sections needed to be done very precise so that all illustrations perfectly line up to the spine and not disappear in it or white lines show up between spine and illustration.
Many illustrations for this book had to be scanned from books. A job Colour & Books is perfectly equipped for.

And then with so many illustrations being reproduced in thumbnail sizes, it is important that they remain accessible for the reader. That one can clearly make out what is depicted. In the full page illustrations I focussed, of course, in nicely balanced, colourful and three dimensional images in which the reader can experience the architectural space represented.

The book was elected in The Netherlands as one of the Best Designed books 2017, which is received by us as a confirmation of our goal at ArtEZ Press books to publish books with great emphasis on their physical appearance.

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