TitleIn Rehearsal
ArtistAutumn Knight
Designer James Goggin, Practise
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
PublisherKrannert Art Museum
PrinterWilco Art Books
PaperAmber Graphic
ReproductionCMYK (LED-UV)


The Book

In Rehearsal is a book by New York based artist Autumn Knight. She makes performances that reshape the perceptions of race, gender and authority. She often puts African American woman in the centre of the conversation and takes over the dynamics in the room with humor and purpose. In Rehearsal is Autumn Knights first publication on her. The book contains essays about and studies of her performances done by Jeniffer Doyle and Sandra Ruiz who are both scholars. But it also contains conversations between Autumn and choreographer Cynthia Oliver about their support networks and showing the influence of contemporary dance in knight's practice. The book both documents Autumn Knight's exhibition at the Krannert Art Museum in the Spring of 2017 and establishes a set of critical frameworks through which to consider Knight's work and all of the issues it addresses.



The Process

In most exhibition catalogues’ uniform reproduction of colours is the first thing to work on. Although this sounds completely logical and straight forward, practise is that this requires quite some attention. Often there is a mix of light sources the photographer had to manage, causing deviations in colours. Certainly within a series of images of the same works or situations, it becomes critical to have the expression of materials uniform.

In this book it’s all about performances being shown. Images within the same setting now look alike. This wasn’t per se the case in the original files.
And then there is the pink that the designer picked as the leading colour. It relates to the performance held at the Krannert Art Museum, who published this catalogue. This pink clearly has to be identifiably alike throughout the book.