TitleShapes of Knowledge
ArtistHannah Mathews
Designeržiga Testen + Stuart Geddes, Public Office
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
ProductionPublic Office
PublisherMonash University Musuem of Art
PaperArctic Volume White
BindingPaperback, sewn


The Book

Knowledge subjectivists us - it makes us who and what we are. One of the most powerful things about art is the multiplicity of knowledge to which it can lead us. The exhibition and book ‘Shapes of Knowledge’ broaches notions of research, teaching and the laboratory in relation to art practise, referencing contemporary art’s educational turn as a point of departure. This book surveys eight important socio-pedagogic, knowledge-making art projects from Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa, alongside a series of newly commissioned texts.



The Process

This book has a wide range of projects from all over the world. Hence the materials provided to me to work with were equally varied, also in quality. Many images are just snap shots. Still, they are supposed to end up in a book. And a book should look like a professionally made object. Images in a book should be clear in what they show and be pleasant to look at. Otherwise they will merely distract the reader.
Here my job is to create that uniform feeling of quality in images. Equally important in my work is that each image communicates what it is about.
It may be, this is not the most spectacular kind of work that passes my screens. I do, however, enjoy this kind of work too. For me it is very clear how I can contribute to the overall quality of the book. It’s about honouring all efforts that have been spent on creating the manuscript, including the design of the book.