TitleTerry Adkins: Infinity is always less than one
ArtistTerry Adkins
DesignerJames Goggin, Practise
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
PublisherICA Miami
PrinterDie Keure
BinderDie Keure
PaperArctic Volume Ivory
Bindinghard cover, sewn
ReproductionCMYK (conventional offset)


The Book

Terry Adkins was one of the great fine art artists of the recent history. He worked with many different materials and was maybe most well known for his work with music. However this book focuses on his work with materials such a wood and other concrete objects. The book is meant as a catalogue of his work. The books accompanied the exhibition that carries the same name.



The Process

In this book images of both the exhibition installation and individual works are being shown. This gives the reader the experience of wandering through the show and zooming in on the works. To evoke this feeling it is of utmost importance that throughout all of the pages a uniform atmosphere is created, a uniform sense of lighting. And this was not present in the materials that were made available to me. So I had to bring it to the images. Something I find great pleasure in. It's like imagining myself wandering the show, taking in all the details.
Of course it also necessitates contact between me and the curator, so that I can check wether I made the right interpretations. The designer being stationed in Providence and the museum in Miami leads to me taking responsibility on press to fine tune the printing process. Having identified my self so much with the matter this is a responsibility I can take on easily.