TitleThe Centre
ArtistAnnika Aitkin and others
DesignerStuart Geddes, Public Office
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionJos Morree, Fine Books,
Publisherthe National Gallery of Victoria
PrinterWilco Art Books
BinderWilco Art Books
PaperArctic Papers
BindingPerfect bound, cold glue


The Book

The Centre - On Art and Urbanism in China is a collection of newly commissioned texts that examine modes of creative production, exhibition curating, collecting and urban transformation against a backdrop of critical perspectives on the historical moment and speculative futures.

The publication features a range of authors working in China and internationally and is divided into discrete but interconnected sections.



The Process

In this book, many works by Chinese artists and designers are presented. Thus, a wide variation in images comes together in one volume. For these kind of books it is my role to bring a binding atmosphere in image quality. Much effort has been spent in the design of this book making it a truly special object to hold and to browse through. This ambition ought to be reflected in the production values. Working on such a project, I focus on a binding feeling of colour and contrasts as well as clarity in the images. If done well, you won’t notice my work. You only experience a true sense of quality going though the book. For me, it is satisfying to know that my craftsmanship has contributed to this experience.