Paper, some basics


I find paper absolutely fascinating stuff.

It is a very pure material with a humble appearance.

Once you start working with it, though, you get the insides of its character.

You have to deal with its shade, surface, substance, stiffness and appearance.

If you have chosen considered enough, your book is well underway to have its own expression.


2014-04-24 15.35.16-1The most eye-catching element in your choice is whether you go for glossy or matt paper.

These opposites encompass a wide range of surfaces.

A more refined choice is made by what you feel when you pick up the book and browse through it.

The weight of the book, the texture you feel through your fingers or the contrast your eyes will perceive when looking at the images, it is all highly determined by the paper you use.

Remember, this is where it starts to be different from a digital publication.



To make the whole process of choosing paper more complicated, not every paper available is suitable for bookmaking.

First of all it needs to be graphic paper, meaning it can take ink and water and will run through a printing press.

Secondly you have to be able to get it in time in sufficient quantities and in the right size.

And then it is very important that it comes with the fibres directed in line with the spine of your book.

Seek advise from knowledgeable people, and look around on book fairs because there is no way you can know all these things by your self.

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