TitleIa 1999
ArtistYamandú Roos
DesignerYamandú Roos
PublisherYamandú Roos
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
Pages 72
PapertypeArctic Volume
Bindingcold glue
ReproductionTri tone


The Book

1a-1999 is the book Yamandú made with the photo's he took when J Dilla came to Amsterdam in 1999 to perform at Paradiso. He photographed him and his gang called Baatine and T3 while they were walking the streets of Amsterdam and partying. Fully enjoying Amsterdam. The images are taken in black and white and show various senario's. Most of them outside on the streets having fun.
J Dilla was an underground hiphop artist with a strong cult following. These days he is called the god father of lo-fi hiphop. J Dilla died in 2006 due to an illness. However, you might still find references to his legacy these days. He was for example involved with the Roots, one of HipHops first real bands.







The Process

For this book, 1a-1999, Yamandy wanted to with me on a publication that was simple in its presence but with a high production value. He planned on doing everything himself, desing wise and he is also his own publisher for this book.
We chose to do the reproductions in tritone and tested various colour combinations that could work on various papers. As you can imagine, quite a process, but all worth it. In the end we settled for this Barita like tone on Artic Volume paper and a nice Swiss binding, allowing the book to really lay flat when opened. Optimizing the viewing experience of the images.