Title American Origami
Artist Andres Gonzalez
Designer Hans Gremmen
Colour grading Colour & Books
Separations Colour & Books
Press checks Colour & Books
Production Jos Morree, Fine Books
Publisher Fw:Books + Light Work
Printer Muller Visual
Binder Agia van Lith
Paper Arcoprint Milk
Binding Stapled
Reproduction CMYK offset
ISBN 978-94-90119-812
Year 2019


The Book

‘American Origami’ is the result of six years of photographic research, and results in a statement of over 700 photographs which closely examines the epidemic of mass shootings in American schools, weaving together first person interviews, forensic documents, and original photographs.

The book takes the reader through a visual journey of shared grief, to illuminate moments of beauty and bring forward moral questions embedded in acts of collective healing. The book is bound in a unique way, and creates a parallel world of the past and the present, showing the silenced landscape interwoven with the personal artifacts created by those left behind.



The Process

My job was to do these pictures justice and get them to speak in print as much as the originals. On top of that was the long standing connection I have with Andres. When you start with a project in which you are invited to share your thoughts on the presentation of the individual photographs, you hope to bring a new experience of these works to the photographer. And that is what happened here. Andres said he never saw his images looking so well and that he gained new appreciation of himself as a photographer. I couldn't have wished to achieve more.