ArtistRinko Kawauchi
DesignerHans Gremmen
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ScanningColour & Books
PrinterMart.Spruijt, Amsterdam
PapertypeArctic Volume
BindingHard cover, sewn in section French folds


The Book

In Ametsuchi, Kawauchi brings together images of distant constellations and tiny figures lost within landscapes, as well as photographs of a traditional style of controlled-burn farming (yakihata) in which the cycles of cultivation and recovery span decades and generations. She investigates in this book the connection between dreams and reality; 'I consider the beginning of things.' For this book a dream was quite literally the start of this project. A dream had let her to Aso, a place where they do controlled burning on fields to prepare for planting, in the south of Japan. Her images of the fires are very recognisable and almost look like paintings.





The Process

Ametsuchi is the first book I did with Rinko Kawauchi. I was contacted by Aperture, the publisher, if I was interested in working on this book.
My job here was to reproduce the images to the best I can and make sure the colours are represented nicely on the paper. Rinko's images contain a lot of dark or very light colours with small to to very big and stark contrasts. My job is to make sure these fine details and contrast come to live on paper and showcase her work to the best way possible. To get that feeling of the original photo's across.
The images were printed in CYMK on Arctic Volume paper.