TitleDavid Bowie/The Seventies
ArtistGijsbert Hanekroot
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksGijsbert Hanekroot
ProductionGijsbert Hanekroot
PublisherGijsbert Hanekroot
PrinterWilco, Amersfoort
PapertypeCondat 1.1
Bindingthread sewn with fold outs


The Book

David Bowie / The Seventies is the book Gijsbert put together with the pictures he took of David Bowie. During the 70's Gijsbert was a pop photographer working for Dutch magazine OOR. During this time he had many opportunities to shoot images of David Bowie on stage as well as off stage. This book contains images published and shot for OOR magazine alongside three other photo sessions with Bowie. Some of these have never been published before. Along side the images the book contains an informative biography written by Bowie fan, Sebastian Vos, making this a complete and beautiful book about Bowie.




The Process

Gijsbert is my cousin and I had worked with him on his first book 'van Abba tot Zappa'. So, I was more than excited to work with him on this new project, David Bowie / The Seventies. I, myself, am a huge Bowie fan so I was excited for him to be making this book. The images are mostly black and white with here and there some coloured images so we printed in CMYK. I had the originals as a reference and Gijsbert and I worked together to make the colours just right. We went to the printer together to do the press checks and if necessary do some last minute adjustments.
The book was released just before Bowies passing.