TitleFrog Leaping
ArtistMieczyslaw Alland
Colour gradingMieczyslaw Alland
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionJos Moree, Fine Books
Publisherself published
PrinterWilco Art Books
PaperMunken Krystall Rough
Bindingsinger sewn hard cover
ReproductionQuad tone (UV LED offset)


The Book

The point of departure for the book was the thought that photographs speak the same way as haiku poems: a haiku has an image or two but no explicatory information; the effect, the emotion, the meaning come from the image itself: like the Zen feeling you get from Matsuo Basho's 'frog haiku', written in 1686, the most famous haiku in the world, and one that every Japanese schoolchild learns.
The book is a dazzling experience. The way it is designed and bound brings new combinations of images/worlds all the time. Quite an experience, reading this book.



The Process

The images in Frog Leaping have a classical feel of street photography. You could say there is a romantic touch to them. We wanted to steer clear of that in the reproductions in this book. The first decision for reproduction of these images was to print in quad tones. The second was to look for a light blueish hue.
Look how beautiful all the details in the shadows print this way. The long tonal range in high contrasts is completely preserved throughout the book. Even-though we printed on a very tactile uncoated paper. The slightly cold tone really works to stay away from an over romantic touch.
Love it.