ArtistRinko Kawauchi
DesignerHans Gremmen
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
PrinterOfset Yapimevi, Istanbul
PaperMunken Krystal Rough
BindingHardcover with bellyband
ReproductionH-UV cmyk + matt black


The Book

Halo is the second book I worked on with Rinko Kawauchi and Aperture. This book is divided in three chapters. the first chapter is about the birds who migrate to europe around wintertime and the comparison that could be made between bird and human society. The second chapter is about a festival called Da Shuhua, it is a very old festival that is celebrated by some in china and falls around the same day as chinese new year. And the third chapter is about the 10th calender month of the Japanese lunar year with is called Kannazuki. This means the month that all the shinto gods are gone.

The thing that connects these chapters is Rinko's perspective that everything described here happens on a tiny star in the galaxy by even tinier creatures fulfilling their roles under giant sun. Taking their part in maintaining the balance, searching for beauty and realms that keep overlapping.



The Process

For this particular book the proces was a little different to how I normally work. I got the RGB files together with a set of reference prints and had to make the translation to CMYK. This part of the process was entirely in my hands. More often than not at some point I sit down with the photographer to make sure i'm on the right track. However since Rinko was far away, not this time. Which is what made this process different.

Together with the printer we succeeded in creating wonderfully rich, yet soft reproductions of these beautiful images. Our focus was especially on getting the blacks in the book to be absolute black, especially for the borders of the pages. We printed on white paper so to get everything black we put in an extra layer of black and made sure the pages were printed black on the edges. All of this ensured us a true black that looks beautiful.