ArtistCarolyn Drake
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
PublisherSelf Published
PrinterWilco Art Books
BinderFopmawier Boekbinderij
PapertypeMunken krystal rough, Munken print 1.5
Bindingsewn swiss bound hard cover with hand dyed cloth on spine
ReproductionH-UV cmyk

Internat is a book entirely shot on location at a maidens Internat in Ukraine. The girls live there own lives, seemingly forgotten by the world. This is the third book Carolyn came to do with me. I help her tone her images to create the best possible representation of her intentions in RGB. Then I work on the conversions that match the press and the paper. Meanwhile Carolyn, Syb and I have many discussions about the final execution of the design. Organisation and quality management in production is done by me.