TitleMaydan - Hundred Portraits
ArtistÉmeric Lhuisset
DesignerPierre Rousteau
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
PublisherParadox+André Frère Editions
PrinterRodi, Rotatiedruk
PaperImproved News Print
BindingPerfect bound Schweitzer
Reproductioncmyk newsprint

The Book

Maidan is the name of the square in Kiev, Ukraine where the demonstrations against the corrupt government where held around the end of 2013. they protested against the corruption and the Russian grip on the country. Protests had been mostly peaceful but that escalated on February 20th. 100 people lost their lives when police and protesters started shooting at each other. What exactly happened isn't completely known, but the government says it's the police that opened fire. Shortly after this tragedy, the government fled and the city/ country belonged to the protesters. That is when these portraits where made. Each person also got two questions when their photo was taken. 'What would you like to see happening now?' and ' What do you think will happen?'. 100 photo's for the 100 people who lost their lives at Maydan.





The Process

This book is printed like a newspaper, on newspaper stock (only a bit thicker)and the same kind of size. It is however not stapled together but bound.
Working with newspaper paper however, can make it harder to keep the feel of a book and to make the photo's feel and look photographic. So, something had to be found to assure that the image quality would be photographic. For me it was a first time to work with one of them big Newspaper presses. I knew the limitations in detailing and colour intensity. How sensational to be in the middle of this huge machine for press checks, see my work fly by and conclude that it worked. This book got elected amongst the Best Dutch Books 2014.