TitleMy Last Days at Seventeen
ArtistDoug Dubois
DesignerHans Gremmen
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
PapertypeHello Fat mat, Cyclus Offset
BindingThread sewn, Cloth bound


The Book

My last days at seventeen is a book by photographer Doug DuBois. He took these images over the span of six summers in a row. He documented teens growing up to adults. My last days at seventeen hovers between fiction and documentary, it is filled with portraits, spontaneous encounters and collaborative performances. Many of the images in the book are staged. That is why it's partially fiction but at the same time documentary. The book is a follow up to Dougs first book All the Days and Nights.
This book was shot in Ireland in one particular area and sows the uncertainties of growing up in ireland these days and the unique relationship between the artist and the subject in front of the camera.





The Process

When I got the original prints there was a brightness to them that was wonderful and unique. The goal was for me to preserve that brightness and feel that the pictures radiated in the reproduction of the images. Working with CMYK inks, it was not an easy task and I struggled quite a bit to get just right. At some point in the process I had to re-evaluate what I thought I knew about printing to get to the desired outcome. These kind of jobs and processes are how I learn and how I keep learning and what keeps my job interesting. I never assume I know everything, I always think that there is more to learn for me. This book proved that to me.