TitleNew Horizons
ArtistBruno van den Elshout
DesignerRob van Hoesel
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
ProductionBruno van den Elshout
PublisherThe Eriskay Connection
PapertypeZ Offset Rough
BindingFlatbook binding

The Book

New Horizons is a project or a journey that Bruno van den Elshout embarked on. He installed a custom build installation of top of the rooftop of Hotel NH Atlantic in Kijkduin The Hague. The installation made a picture every hour of each day during one whole year (2012) The installation was aimed at the North Sea. Bruno ended up with around 8.760 pictures of the horizon above the North Sea. The images are truly mesmerising to see. Besides the pictures Bruno made it into an experience. You can go with him to the beach and watch the horizon for 24 hours, allowing you to get away from the rush of daily life and get your priorities straight. To this day Bruno is still busy with this project that he started in 2012 and gave us such special pictures of the beautiful skies above the sea.





The Process

I loved to be able to participate in this project because it was a great and fun journey. For me, the challenge was to reproduce the colours of the beautiful and colourful images that Bruno or his device, had captured throughout the year. The everchanging colours of the sea and skies are not always existent in CMYK. In many instances I had to build a whole new colour spectrum to equal the real one as Bruno van den Elshouts' camera had captured them.
Most importantly, for me, this has been a project about some of the values I believe in most: teaming up, aiming for the best, having fun and craftsmanship.

The book is the winner of the bronze medal in The Most Beautiful Books of the World contest 2015.