ArtistJ.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere
DesignerHeijdens Karwei
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
ProductionHeijdens Karwei
PublisherCCA, Lagos
BindingThread sewn, cold glue, hardcover
ReproductionDuo tone


The Book

Ojeikere won quite some fame with his images of the intricate hairdo’s of Nigerian women. The intention was after his death to publish a comprehensive catalogue of all his work. Not only to reveal the broadness of his oeuvre, but also to set a standard for the reproduction of his work. Ojeikere died in 2014 after a successful career of almost 55 years. He started photographing Nigerian hairstyles in 1968. This would become his biggest project. It is estimated that in the end he printed about a thousand pictures of different African women hairstyles. Ojeikere started with photography in a time where camera's weren't a common good in Nigeria and where seen as a luxury good. For him to start with photography was highly unusual.





The Process

For this book I was given a relatively free hand in reproducing the images in way that would be suitable for print and that at the same time would honour the photographs and the intention behind the pictures. Jobs like this are quite unique. Often the artist or the publisher has an idea in mind on how it should look and I try and meet those expectations. It was very refreshing and exiting to be able to decide the standard on how these pictures should be printend for future reference.