TitleShaky Ground
ArtistPeter Dekens
DesignerRob van Hoesel
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionFINE BOOKS, Jos Morree
PublisherThe Eriskay Connection
PrinterWilco Art Books, Amersfoort
PaperBiotop 3 next
BindingPatabind soft cover with flaps
ReproductionH-UV cmyk


The book is about World War 1. Still human remains and projectiles are found every day at the former places of battle. Families still suffer losses due to projectiles exploding upon excavation, as in Peter’s family.
After having worked with Peter on his previous book '(un)expected', this is the second time we worked together. For both of us this cooperation is highly satisfying. We learn from each other.