TitleTruant: Photographs, 1970-1979
ArtistBarbara Hammer
DesignerStudio Lin
LithographyColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionFINE BOOKS, Jos Morree
PublisherCapricious Publishing
PrinterWilco Art Books
BinderWilco Art Books
PapertypeArctic Volume
BindingHot melt Hard cover
ReproductionDuo tone


Barbara Hammer is a film maker. Her work explores female sexuality. She also is a performance artist.
In this book her photographic images come together.
I was asked by Capricious Publishing and Studio Lin to deal with the reproduction of the images in duotone. Scans where made available to me. After test printing we did some tweaks to the scans to improve contrasts.
The publisher came over to work with me on the press checks.