ArtistDana Lixenberg
DesignerLinda van Deursen
Colour gradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionMariëtta de Vries
PublisherROMA publications?Patta
PrinterWilco Art Books, Amersfoort
PaperGloss machine coated + Chromolux
ReproductionH-UV cmyk


The Book

Tupac / Biggie shows the complete material of shoots done for both Tupac’s and Biggie’s iconic portraits. The poster enclosed with this book shows how these images found their way into the public domain. Dana’s images of the two were used on murals as an ode to the late rappers. She was happy her images managed to resonate with fans. However, she increasingly became aware that her images were also used for commercial aspects without her consent. She began a legal battle that would last two years, after that, making this book came to mind.



The Process

Before Tupac / Biggie I had worked with Dana on Imperial courts. An impressive book that she had been working on for 23 years. Imperial courts could be described as a comment on society whereas this book is full of images that were commanded by magazines for example. This gave the images a different feel but at the same time so clearly Dana. The pictures in this book are a lot more frivolous and therefore require a different approach to reproduction. These images are iconic work and should therefore be reproduced to the highest standards. The images are both in black and white and colour so I had to figure out how to make these colours translate the best onto paper and keep the feeling of the images that she had intended. It was an absolute honor and pleasure to work on this book for me.