The best recipe to make the best book possible

You might have been working on a photographic project for a long time.

And maybe you think making a book is the way to bring it out in the open.

It is your project; you possess all the knowledge about it.

And making a truly good book obviously starts with very good content.

But a success full photo book needs more than very good photographs.

2015-02-12 19.49.50

It’s also about how the story gets told.

There are so many details to take into account to make the book succeed,

Like how to publish, to distribute, to find your audience.

Let alone all that has to do with the actual making of the book. (See also my previous blogs).

My point here is that I seriously advise you to talk with professionals in a very early stage.

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People in the photo book universe are open to share their knowledge and experience.

Talk with specialised photo book dealers, designers, self-publishing colleagues, small-scale publishers, come talk to me, a printer or a binder and a book distributor.

And then you can decide how to proceed and who will fit in your ideal team.

They love to get inspired by you as they will inspire you with their passion.

In the end a book is made of real materials and it is real people that put everything in place.

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