Titlepeople place purpose
ArtistFrancine Houben
DesignerJelle F Post
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksMecanoo
ProductionArtifice Books
PublisherArtifice Books
Paper typeArctic Volume
BindingThread sewn case bound

The Book

People, place, purpose describes the specific architecture that Mecanoo explores, illustrating the way they seek for identity in a globalised world. From the texture of a local stone, to colour of a fruit tree or rituals of inhabitants. Mecanoo is driven to design buildings with strength to earth. A total of seventeen projects, all built in mutually different conditions, show the world according to Mecanoo. In conclusion it is about the philosophy from which Mecanoo creates their projects. A full image of the different sources and where they get their inspiration and placement for people, place and purpose.





The Process

For me, the first responsibility was to make all the different structures work together in order to prevent the book form looking fragmented.
Another thing with images showing architecture is that, the viewer/audience should have maximum access to the images. In architecture it is all about space, light and how it is related to human beings. So that is what reproductions should bring too. I made sure that when you look in the book you'll have transparency, clarity and three dimensionality in the images. It was a relatively new experience for me, working on an architectural book. I had done a couple before this but all are very different experiences and have different requirements. Even-though the base might be the same.