TitleHome is were the dog is
ArtistErik van der Weijde>
DesignerErik van der Weijde
SeparationsColour & Books
Press ChecksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
PapertypeMunken Lynx
BindingCold glue, soft cover, thread sewn
ReproductionMono tone Black

The Book

The special thing about Home is where the dog is, is that all the images in it a shot with an iPhone. Something you wouldn't be able to tell when you open the book. It also shows a modern take on photography and how to implement the classic with the modern times. Phones have gotten so advanced in their camera technology you can make proper photo's with them suited for a photo-book. Erik made pictures with his phone of women, men and dogs in and around the house. The book comes with a silkscreen of one of the images.





The Process

I’m a big fan of Erik van der Weijde’s publications. So, I jumped on the possibility to work with him on a book.
In lithography or toning Erik did most of the work. He gave me a set of testfiles on which I reacted. Then we made a wet proof with variations in curves. With the information and comments we made on those wet proofs Erik finished the images. I represented him on press, meaning I was at the printer to do the press checks and monitored the binding process. Photography with an Iphone, printing in only black and a powerful concept, executed technically with close attention to all details. Simple!