TitleIn the shadows of the Pyramids
ArtistLaura El Tantawi
PublisherLaura El Tantawi
Colour GradingColour & Books
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionColour & Books
Pages440 French folds, 7 text sheets, 18 single sheets
PapertypeWhite uncoated stock
BindingHardcover perfect bound, cold glue


The Book

In the Shadow of the Pyramids started for Laura as a journey to discovering her Egyptian roots. She had studied in Egypt before but now she wanted to return. During the time she was there on her journey the protests started and she captured that too. Her goal was to explore the notion of home and belonging. In the Shadow of the Pyramids is her first Monograph and immediately earned her a spot on the shortlist for the Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize. The images in the book are very strong and are nicely mixed.







The Process

Laura and I worked on the images for In the Shadow of the Pyramids in a very close collaboration. it was clear from laura's intentions as well as the designers' that the atmosphere had to be very intense and fiery, Dark nights, fires, smoke, blood even, anger, excitement and fright. Those were the ingredients that had to ooze out of these pages. I started with making an edit proposal for het images following these ideas. Those were welcomed with great enthusiasm. So, I finished the whole series in the same atmosphere, making it as three dimensional and focussed as possible.
In addition, the preparation for conversion to regular CMYK offset on a very regular white uncoated stock had to be made, allowing for printing with lots of ink to get the drama in the book too. On the press we sought, together with the printer, how far we could bring this. And the result is still, after many years, quite overwhelming.

As I was also responsible for production I paid particularly attention to this part of the process. All images being spreads it was super important to have the book lay flat completely. To find the right binder that had the experience to make this work was crucial.
All in all a very successful book production.