ArtistBertil Nilsson
DesignerBertil Nilsson
SeparationsColour & Books
Press checksColour & Books
ProductionBertil Nilsson
PublisherBertil Nilsson & Galerie Wilms
PrinterOptimal Media
PapertypeMunken Lynx rough
BindingExposed spine, thread sewn, soft cover with hardback, blind deboss on cover
ReproductionH-UV cmyk

The Book

Naturally was shot in all different locations, from the Swiss alps to the volcanic beaches of the Canary Islands. Providing many different landscapes. Bertil traveled over the course of three years to all kinds of wildernis's and collaborated with different male dancers and acrobats to create a natural performance in the midst of these beautiful landscapes. Often he would bring some coloured powder with him to give the dancers or acrobats a weird colour which would make them stand out even more.





The Process

For Naturally I was asked to the reproduction of course. The challenge was to make these dark tones come to live and bring some light to them without lightening them up. This combined with the rough paper made this a challenging job for me. I was very happy though that we would be printing on a UV-press. That would make it slightly easier for me.
The special thing about these images is the dancers and acrobats who are covered in white, red or black pigments. In this part there was no photoshop involved.
In this whole process Bertil was very involved, he really saw the book as part of his artistic expression. So all decisions surrounding this book were carefully made.