Black and white toning

Riso, the perfect imperfection

Monday 22 August

I’m absolutely fascinated by riso printing. In this blog I would like to share this fascination with you. In Riso one can print on a wide range of papers, the rougher the better and print with a range of beautiful and defining colours and finally not one print will ever be the same, in a

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A Story on Screens in Printing

Thursday 10 September

The other day I finally ordered a copy of Mark Powers book ‘Die Mauer ist weg’, inspired by an upcoming trip to Berlin. Not only a great document of the fall of the Berlin wall, but also a very lovingly and ingeniously made photo book. The care taken for the shipping of the book tells

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Bring out the light!

Tuesday 17 March

When will you experience a print or a reproduction of a photo as convincing? In a previous blog (Toning images) I focussed on the importance of density and contrast in an image. Those are means to an end, tools to achieve a desired effect. The thing to work on, for me, is to bring out

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Toning images, Black and white

Wednesday 3 December

In any picture in colour you have a colour contrast and the tonal contrast. Colour contrast is based on the effect of complimentary colours. Cyan and red, green and magenta, yellow and blue are the primary contrasts in colour. Together they make for white light. In a black and white image you don’t have that

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