Photo books

New Horizons in binding…

Thursday 7 May

Bruno van den Elshouts’ New Horizons is a book worth some consideration here. The book is an exceptional object and the result of an equally exceptional process. Throughout 2012 every hour of each day the same frame was shot from a hotel roof at the Dutch coast. The book contains some 400 images selected from

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Paper, some basics

Friday 30 January

I find paper absolutely fascinating stuff. It is a very pure material with a humble appearance. Once you start working with it, though, you get the insides of its character. You have to deal with its shade, surface, substance, stiffness and appearance. If you have chosen considered enough, your book is well underway to have

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A case in binding

Tuesday 13 January

10×10 Japanese Photo books  As the producer of a photo book you have to consider many details. It all begins with a briefing from the designer about the whole idea for the book. For instance the 10×10 Japanese Photo books I produced for 10×10 and designer SYB. A catalogue that mainly consists reproductions from

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