‘DYE’ a case in printing neon inks

Wednesday 1 May

A great adventure in colouring that worked out very fine. Combining an most interesting idea of the book designer and my expertise.

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How to effectively print your image, part 2

Tuesday 17 April

For me it is clear that the image on screen is the ‘mother’ file. It is what I spent so much energy on to get it right, to make it articulate in expression, precise in focus. For me it is manifest that the digital file we work on so intense, is the reference for each

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How to effectively print your image, part 1

Wednesday 28 March

The other day I was tutoring a photographer who was completely frustrated about his process. Ever since he switched from analog to digital he lost his bearings. My promise that I could help him solve this, was greeted with great enthusiasm. We agreed that I should come and visit his studio to evaluate his process and

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When someone says your colours look strange..

Wednesday 3 May

How colours look Sometimes a comment you may get on your work could be like: ‘The colours don’t look realistic’ or ‘look strange’. It is often heard. And it is in itself a surprising remark. How could anyone claim to know when a colour looks realistic or normal? The way we see colour is purely

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If you don’t want your paper to be white…

Wednesday 9 December

I’ve been talking about different paper types in a previous blog: coated versus uncoated and some variations on that theme. I also went over the effect paper has on the reproduction and how to balance that. We can take the variations a step further. What if you don’t want the paper to be white? How

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Toning images

Wednesday 3 December

  Some images we see we experience as captivating, others we don’t spend any time on. Anyone who wants to communicate through images hopes to achieve the first. The question is how to get there. Is it enough to make an exiting composition or capture the right moment? What is it that pleases our eye

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