How to effectively print your image, part 2

Tuesday 17 April

For me it is clear that the image on screen is the ‘mother’ file. It is what I spent so much energy on to get it right, to make it articulate in expression, precise in focus. For me it is manifest that the digital file we work on so intense, is the reference for each

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If you don’t want your paper to be white…

Wednesday 9 December

I’ve been talking about different paper types in a previous blog: coated versus uncoated and some variations on that theme. I also went over the effect paper has on the reproduction and how to balance that. We can take the variations a step further. What if you don’t want the paper to be white? How

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New Horizons in binding…

Thursday 7 May

Bruno van den Elshouts’ New Horizons is a book worth some consideration here. The book is an exceptional object and the result of an equally exceptional process. Throughout 2012 every hour of each day the same frame was shot from a hotel roof at the Dutch coast. The book contains some 400 images selected from

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The best recipe to make the best book possible

Thursday 9 April

You might have been working on a photographic project for a long time. And maybe you think making a book is the way to bring it out in the open. It is your project; you possess all the knowledge about it. And making a truly good book obviously starts with very good content. But a

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Wild Pigeons, a case in paper choices

Friday 20 February

Carolyn Drakes book Wild Pigeons provides me a good case in chosing the right paper. Designer Syb, Carolyn and I spent quite some time on this issue.Together we cover the whole spectre of issues related to paper. Syb wants tactile paper, Carolyn also and wants a good reproduction quality of her images and I want them

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Paper, some basics

Friday 30 January

I find paper absolutely fascinating stuff. It is a very pure material with a humble appearance. Once you start working with it, though, you get the insides of its character. You have to deal with its shade, surface, substance, stiffness and appearance. If you have chosen considered enough, your book is well underway to have

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